August 2014 – Newsletter

In the 9 years I have lived in Spain I have never I witnessed an August like this one.  Perhaps due to the amount of cars on the coast this year but we have had a never ending stream of motor claims this month.  Mostly not our clients fault but hit and runs, damaged vehicles whilst parked, head on collisions, I cannot remember witnessing so many claims in just one month.

Also the worst time to have a claim (never a good time… I know) but everyone has family here, need the car, garages closed on August summertime holidays, short time working, skeleton staff in head offices and early closing has made this August so frustrating.  Most clients understand the parameters we are working against and we have done our best to assist.    I know I keep on about the claims procedure but it is so important.   Please familiarise yourself with the claims procedure.  Go onto my website look on the FAQ page and you will find many answers to questions regarding claims plus a European Accident Form in English.

I promote several different companies, however we personally cannot authorise repairs to vehicles, courtesy cars and the laws of whenever the locals wish to open and close is out of my control.  I am sure this is understood.   We try and give the best service we can, but in August the restraints of the system mean it is impossible even for us to assist some of the time.

I sincerely hope that clients understand this.  EU Insurance has been open all through the summer and even though it was planned to try and open shorter hours, still find ourselves in the office till 6 most days.  Please take some time to refresh yourselves on the procedures in the event of a claim, also the laws regarding driving in Spain, what you should have in the car legally, it can save many problems later on.  Some very useful information below:-

What are the key items you need to keep with you in your car?

  • Driving License
  • Registration Documentation (Fiche Tecnica and Permiso de Circulation if Spanish reg or V5 if UK)
  • ITV Paperwork
  • Insurance papers, proof of payment and European Accident Form
  • Spare pair of glasses if you wear them
  • 2 x Orange triangles which should be kept in the boot of the car
  • At least 2 reflective jackets (should be enough for all passengers really) and kept in the inside of the car
  • Pen
  • Emergency Breakdown numbers in case of an emergency
    Whilst not obligatory, EU recommends that you have a fire extinguisher and First Aid Kit in the car and possibly bottles of water.   
    Pets also have to be in a caged area at the back of the car.
    No use of the phone (even hands free) is allowed whilst driving, neither is eating or drinking (even water), all considered an offence as is throwing a cigarette butt out of the car window if you are a smoker.
    Flip flops also not allowed as they are considered a hazard when driving.
    With a little bit of thought and also some time to familiarize yourself with the procedures can only make driving in Spain much simpler.

As we draw closer to September the mornings are definitely darker, my morning swim at 7 am happens now in complete darkness, but I find a tremendous peace in my early morning solitude (no no one else is in the pool at this time… no cars, no claims……!!) to gather my thoughts and to start my day.

And the Good news!!!   This August we have also been extremely busy with new business, families making their homes here once again. It does appear that the economy is improving and continued growth is good for all of us. 

But nothing is straightforward , want to become a Resident?  You need an NIE number but you cannot get your NIE number if you havent Private Health Insurance……Need private health insurance?  We Need Bank account and NIE Number….. How frustrating does Spain have to make things for us Ex-Pats?   

However the majority of us continue to enjoy our lives in Spain, the summer has been jam packed with visitors with many clients whose bars we insure commenting that it has been their busiest year in 7 years.   Same with Currencies Direct who offer excellent rates of exchange for clients moving funds from the UK to Spain….busiest month for 8 years! 

As we have been so busy I haven’t been able to take any time off but am going over to the UK on Saturday for a week to catch up with family .  The office will be manned by Ashley who will be in control of everything….  Hopefully the claims will reduce as the visitors start to return to their home countries and leave us all a bit more calm and relaxed!!

For all your insurance needs in English, call EU Insurance Direct 

Anything you need give us a call or email us.    If you have a friend or colleague needing a quote because they are paying too much for their renewal, let us know and we will do our best to sort out the best possible price we can.

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