Well there is no easy answer and as no one has ever left the European Union before we are unsure of what changes will be made (if any) for us Ex-Pats living in Spain.   Having trawled the internet over the last few days there is good news and bad news…  speculation but nothing concrete.   One of the most respected newspapers in the UK gave some positive information over the last few days, also from other respected individuals on the Coast felt that things wont change too much …

Despite warnings and fears, Britons living in the EU they feel would be largely unaffected.    A significant fear for those concerned about BREXIT is the potential mass exodus of both Europeans and Britons from each other’s respective nations.

However, this claim is not grounded in legal fact, as the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 would come into play. It contains articles that are based on ‘acquired rights’, which individuals build up over time and hold despite any changes in future treaties enacted by their nation.

One of the most worrying changes could be Healthcare abroad, but some experts say that this wont affect Ex-pats……

The UK’s large expatriate retiree community in Spain, France and Italy have cause for concern. While the Centre for European Reform has claimed that, were Britain to leave, “Spain might demand that British retirees on the Costas pay for their own healthcare or it may try to limit migrants’ access to healthcare…Their healthcare is costly to the Spanish treasury, which is struggling to balance its books”   we are told however that this is inaccurate, as the NHS would be responsible for paying the cost of healthcare of pensioners abroad in any case.

Whether it will affect us or not any change will not be instant.  It will take more than 2 years for the exit from the EU to be finalised and it may not be clear until a good few months down the line or even longer how our lives may be affected.

There is one thing we know, British people will still flock to Spain, whether on holiday or to live  and any red tape or immigration laws that may come into force I still believe (or like to think) that there will be continued freedom of movement within the EU.

Any updated information you can be sure we will advise our clients accordingly.  In the meantime life continues as normal, the sun continues to shine and the days get warmer, roads get busier, parking gets more frustrating and life in Spain goes on……

As EU Insurance Direct moves into its 11th year in Spain we still maintain to offer our clients a personal service which hasn’t changed in the time we have been here and if we can assist in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have however had quite a few enquiries over the last week for Private Health, some retirees also.   We can offer some competitive quotes for Healthcare depending upon the cover and excess chosen, if Health is one thing that is a worry let us know and we can send you some costs.

Holiday Season is here!

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As summer time working starts to kick in many companies are already on short time working, we at EU Insurance ask that clients be patient in the event of emergencies or claims.  In the event of needing assistance…

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  • Make sure you are aware of the procedures in the event of an accident or claim
  • Make sure you have your car insurance documents in the car as well as a blue and yellow European Accident Form in your car!!
  • Make sure you have a pen in the car and a spare pair of glasses if you wear them
  • Make sure you take photos if possible in the event of an accident
  • Make sure you have a full battery before leaving home or invest in an in car charger (so important if you break down without a working phone!) – or mobile charger
  • Be extra vigilant on the road – SO many hire cars not knowing where they are going are the cause of many accidents during these summer months!
  • Never drink and drive! Take a taxi – or walk it really isn’t worth it!

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