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Choice of Fully Comprehensive with or without excess, 3rd Party Fire and Theft, Total loss or Third Party only

    • Protected no Claim Bonus
    • Any driver over 25 years as long as they have held a clean licence for at least 2 years
    • European unlimited Roadside Assistance from 0 kls Freephone number with English Speaking Operators
    • Annual green card for European Travel up to 90 days per trip
    • Assistance if you lose your keys
    • English documentation and Customer Services
    • Windows/Glass cover no excess and claims do not affect your bonus
    • Courtesy car provided in the event of accident up to 35 days (45 in the event of theft)
    • Courtesy car in the event of repair of a vehicle if it has to be in a garage for more than 7 days, a courtesy car from 7th day up to 35 days
    • Claims dealt with from our office
    • Total loss and theft value offered plus 30% - largest cover in the market place
    • Full death, disability accident and health covers provided min of 30,000 euros (largest in the market place) and options up to 90,000 euros
    • All passengers covered for accident, death and health up to 50m covered automatically under Voluntary Public Liability covers
    • Cover in case of collision with animals for Extended 3rd party covers
    • Fine Management
    • Legal Defence free choice of lawyer up to 6000 euros, one of the highest in the market


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