December 2014 Newsletter


9.30 – 5.30 MONDAY – THURSDAY
9.30 – 4.00 FRIDAY


Framiire Residencial
Local 6
Calle Alcornoque
Malaga, 29601
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Are you covered for free health cover in Spain?  Retired or partner retired?   New rules could change free health cover for ex-pats.  Watch this space for further details….

Car Insurance Due?  we offer the following benefits free in certain car policies:-

  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Courtesy car up to 35 days
  • Any driver over 25 with clean licence for 2 years
  • all covers 3rd party, fire and theft and full comp
  • Unbelievable prices, 3rd party under 200 euros, full comp from 250 euros
  • Theft of personal possessions inside car up to 500 euros
  • Accident, death and disability covers (optional)
  • Full European Breakdown in English
  • Windows, legal cover
  • English claims and documents

call us!!!

22/23rd Dec 9.30 – 5.30  24th Dec 9.30 – 2.30
29/30/31 Dec 9.30-5-30 Closed 1-2 Jan
 As this is the last newsletter of the year I would like to wish all our clients a very Happy Christmas and New Year.  Incredible how quickly the years fly by, seeing our renewals for January stating 2015 – 2016 is really scary.  I hope that your year has been a good one and I want to thank everyone for their continued business over the previous year.

We would also like to reconfirm emergency numbers to call if you need them over the Christmas and New Year break. 
  Liberty motor breakdowns

  • 900 101 369 (from Spanish mobile or landline) 0034 934 955 125.  If you call from a UK mobile or your mobile provider has blocked Freephone 900 calls.
  • Broken glass or windscreen?   Visit your nearest Car Glass repair shop or call 902 207 010 for the nearest centre to you.   There is no excess on glass coverage and it does not affect your no claims bonus.
  • Liberty home assistance:  900 243 657. 
  • Abbeygate motor assistance: 0034 917 885 948
All the above emergency numbers are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day and speak English.

Renewal documentation
Just a short note regarding renewal documentation.   Renewal documentation is always sent attached via email, as we do not receive hard copy documentation (unless there is a change in the policy), therefore we do not send out hard copies of renewal documents by post.  If you are unable to print them or do not have email then we will print documents ourselves and send them to you.    This goes for car and home insurance.  If you pay through the bank by direct debit then you will need to keep a copy of your receipt from the bank with your documents.

Going away for Xmas?  We are still open for travel insurance, no age limit on single trips and annual trips are always competitive, we offer Europe and annual cover.

Make sure your homes are locked up, alarms on (if installed) and make sure neighbours or friends can keep an eye on your property.  Always leave a forwarding number for them to contact you and also emergency contact numbers in the event of a problem.  Christmas unfortunately is the worst time of year for robberies so we need to make it difficult if not impossible for thieves to break in!

In the event of you have a robbery over the festive period and you cannot speak with the emergency services (there will be skeleton staff over this period), if locks need to be changed or any repair work carried out to make your property secure, call out a private emergency service to temporarily repair or make the property secure and keep any receipts to forward to us for reimbursement.

If a neighbour or other individual has use of your car whilst away, make sure they have access to breakdown numbers in the event of emergency.    All Insurance companies have their own breakdown services they use and if someone uses a private breakdown company, it is highly unlikely they will be reimbursed.   Your cover for your car includes this cover but only if you use their breakdown services.  Also useful to give information about car glass too.

Claim forms:   Whenever you have a car insurance claim you must complete a European Accident Claim form.  Even if a police report is made it is still necessary to complete a form.   Take photos of incident, of the 3rd party´s car as well as your own, number plates, all helps to streamline the claims procedure.   English copy can be downloaded from the website

Appointed Garages:    If at all possible it makes sense to use one of the insurance company´s appointed garages for repair.  The appointed garages are checked for quality and should provide a good service, as well as the majority speaking your language.    If a repair is less than 2500 euros an authorised repairer can take photos of the damage and authorise works without the need to call an assessor out, therefore saving time and costs.  We understand that the garages are not always in your area but we can provide details of the nearest authorised repair to you if you need to.

Courtesy car in the event of breakdown:   Liberty includes a courtesy car option within the insurance for a car that has broken down and the repair is estimated to take more than 7 days, however this option on their policy is only available if your repair is carried out at an appointed garage.    Once the car has been in the garage for 7 days, the garage will confirm this to the courtesy car company and arrange for a courtesy car to be provided.  

In the event of an accident the repair can be carried out by any garage, this does not affect the courtesy car option in this incident.

Does your insurance in Spain cover you for driving a car in the UK?   This is a question we are asked frequently.  Unfortunately no it doesn’t.   Cover in Spain insures the car and usually any driver over a certain age with the policyholder´s permission (if a non-nominated driver policy), it does not allow a policyholder in Spain to drive someone else´s vehicle in the UK.

Check ITV’s are current.   Clients have told us they have been fined for every day that their ITV was out of date.   If you have booked the ITV, this apparently doesn’t present a problem but for those who haven’t renewed their ITV due to various reasons, daily fines are being levied!!


Wendy & Ashley would like to wish all our clients a very happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.  If there is anything we can help or advice with in 2015 do not hesitate to contact us
952 830 843 /  676 098 464