As everyone prepares for their summer visitors and other prepare to visit cooler climates we come to the hottest part of the year in Spain.

Roads are busy, accidents are happening every day, the police in Elviria recently told one of our clients that over the last month there has been over 70 accidents along the stretch of the N340 from Calahonda through to Marbella.  Every day we are stuck in traffic congestion and the sirens can be heard each and every day whilst in the office.  Accident claims forms keep arriving on the desk, just another July in Spain!  And August hasn’t started yet!

What can we do to limit our own exposure to this?  Well we could all stay indoors !!!  Not an option I know but for us Ex-pats living on the coast are well aware and used to the Spanish driving, we can be more vigilant on the road, never anticipate what a driver should be doing, keep a safe distance away from the car in front, slow down and put hazards on if necessary for cars behind to be more aware of problems before they happen.  Allow more time for any journey so that you are not rushed in the event of a delay.  Keep calm…..

If all else fails make sure you know what to keep in the car in the event of an emergency.   Do you have:-

  • Your policy documents (current date)
  • European Accident Form
  • Emergency telephone number to call the breakdown if necessary
  • Pen
  • Glasses if necessary
  • Charged mobile phone and/or mobile charger in the car
  • Plenty of water stocked in the car for delays in the searing heat.

For the procedure in the event of an accident please visit our website under the FAQ page (frequently asked questions) where you can also download a European Accident Form in English for your files.

New Member of Staff

As our business has grown (good!!!) but so has administration and paperwork it has been necessary to employ another member of staff, so I am pleased to announce that we now have Emma who is now working part time for us to deal with the backlog of administration and post and all other paperwork.  She will also be in charge of the lengthy task of digitalising the office.  These are tasks that Ashley and I never get a chance to do.  We have already seen a massive difference in that the post is being sorted and sent each week, our filing is up to date and even the dead filing has been sorted.  Emma will also be training to learn about the insurances we offer and at some stage will be able to assist clients in sales and changes in policies etc.    A Welcome addition to our team!


EU Insurance will be open throughout August as usual.  I am away for around 12 days from 4th August visiting family in the UK and Cannes but Ashley will be in charge with Emma in the office on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.   Although August is generally not so busy, with short staff it can get incredibly busy so would ask your patience for quotes or queries during August.   Frustrating for us some of the companies we work with are on shorter hours, and after 3.00 pm it is virtually impossible to get anything done, i.e. adding a young driver to a policy, setting up claims, change of vehicles so if clients can be forewarned and if any changes need to be made, let us know before 3.00 pm!  Also we often have complaints from clients that they cannot contact us on the office number, this is generally due to the line being busy.   When we are on the landline for another caller it seems to ring and ring, but eventually it will go to answerphone, please do leave a message and we will return your call.   When we are on the phone it doesn’t give an engaged tone and therefore clients think we are not in.

Also to remember there are other numbers to contact us:-

Office main number 952830843/mobile 676098464 (this is also my personal line as well as office)

Other landline and mobile numbers:  951080118/635592610


Home Insurance 20% discount for new policies till October

EU Insurance is currently offering 20% off new home insurance for existing clients who may wish to move their home insurance to us.  Please note that many Spanish companies like to receive one month’s written notice to leave their scheme, if they don’t they will bully clients and threaten them with court action.   Of course this is not worth it to them, it is more costly to take people to court in Spain than just to accept a cancellation of a policy, however I have seen that they won’t take cancellation without a fight, so if you are thinking of moving to us for your home insurance we can prepare quotes at much as 3 months in advance, so even if your home insurance isn’t due till October, we can still quote and keep the price given today.

Our policies are fully comprehensive, in English and we monitor claims from our office.  If you would like a quote now or for the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We offer several options to suit all budgets too.

Health Insurance

I  wanted to advise that we can now office Private Health Insurance at a very small monthly premium for people who are employed or autonomo in Spain.   The policy takes into account that employed people and autonomos have access to the National Health System.  What doesn’t always help is that there are waiting lists (as for all National Health patients).  The cover offered by AXA takes into account that you can use the system for your general  health problems, however in the event that you need something done urgent or cannot wait till you eventually get to the top of the waiting list, you can opt to have the procedure done privately.   So the plan gives very effective comprehensive low cost cover should you need to use the Private System.

If this is something that may interest you, we can give you a quote.


The furore regarding BREXIT appears to have quietened down a bit now and we have nothing new to advise clients regarding changes in the future.

I have however received a very comprehensive newsheet from Deveres Financial Services which I have added to the website.   It is a very factual document giving much information, should you wish to read it please log onto the website and look at ‘Newsletters’.

Again just to mention that if you have family out and need to check live flight info or need to check what is going on in your area, log onto the above site or visit their Facebook page.  The best information site on the coast!!