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Are you covered for free health cover in Spain?  Retired or partner retired?   New rules could change free health cover for ex-pats.  Watch this space for further details….

Car Insurance Due?  we offer the following benefits free in certain car policies:-

  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Courtesy car up to 35 days
  • Any driver over 25 with clean licence for 2 years
  • all covers 3rd party, fire and theft and full comp
  • Unbelievable prices, 3rd party under 200 euros, full comp from 250 euros
  • Theft of personal possessions inside car up to 500 euros
  • Accident, death and disability covers (optional)
  • Full European Breakdown in English
  • Windows, legal cover
  • English claims and documents

call us!!!

The new year was almost a month ago, another year that will fly by before we know it!
New Years Resolutions?   Well if you made a New Years Resolution – apparently this week was the week we failed..  Monday the 26th January was the day (so we are told) when the majority of resolutions were dropped.  It is hard to make resolutions we cannot keep especially if they are severe.  In fact we are led to believe that cutting out such things as alchohol, bread, cigarettes etc in their entirety   can actually harm our bodies! 
Once our bodies are used to a certain food intake, the odd wine or two, cigarettes, our bodies can almost shut down if they are cut out completely, it cannot cope….  
Always better to make a lifestyle choice?  Everything in moderation seems to be the key.  So don’t feel guilty if your New Years Resolution fell before it got started, you are not alone!
So we are near to the start of February, already.  The weather has been glorious (lets hope it stays), promises of spring in the air, lighter evenings all present a positive feeling.
After the hectic Christmas and New Year period has now past, time now to think about our finances and if we can save some money.  There is hope in a stronger sterling currency market meaning that pensions could go further due to better exchange rates.  I am told there is a buzz in the housing market ???    many estate agents I speak to are really busy, acquiring sales on all kinds of properties where Europeans are coming back to Spain.
We at EU Insurance have had a busy start to the year with new clients requesting home insurance for new properties just purchased, car insurance for many brand new cars being bought, travel insurance has increased hugely with people travelling all over the globe in the forthcoming year.  Surely this must all mean that there is a little more surplus income to play with?   We certainly hope so.  We have no age limit on travel so if you need a quote let us know.
Need advice about your insurance policy (even if not with us at present) we can help if you don’t know what your policy covers.  If you would like us to quote on a like for like basis we can do so and explain the differences in covers we offer.

Do you have a mortgage?  Are you paying high prices for life insurance currently with the bank?  We offer exceptional prices much lower than the banks, give us a try to see if we can save you some money.  Our policies now cover up to age 80 years!


  • Our home policies now include cover for unblocking of pipes up to 600 euros a year
  • For an extra 25 euros a year we can increase cover for  garden furniture up to 12000 euros?
  • Our home policies include cover for the tenant up to 1500 euros for their personal belongings
  • Our car policies include the courtesy car up to 35 days, protected no claims bonus and fine management for free…
  • We offer Golf policies for as little as 72 euros a year
  • Our Courtesy Car cover can be replaced by getting  taxi expenses refunded up to 30 euros a day
  • We can add Public Liability Cover for mobility scooters by adding 60 euros to the home insurance
  • We can add dangerous dog liability for a few euros a year if included in the home insurance
  • Our life insurance Policies sponsor Cancer Research Charity CRISS with 1% of the premium
  • Using the appointed garages can save clients time and money.   If the repair is under 2000 euros an appointed garage can carry out the report with  no need for an assessor.   Some garages also have their own courtesy cars for Liberty customers, their work is also guaranteed by Liberty…  if you have a claim and want to know if there is an appointed garage in your area contact us for details.
  • By calling the Freephone emergency service can save money as the average call lasts 5 minutes…
  • Our car insurance policies cover extends to Morocco inclusive of breakdown cover (many companies don’t)
  • Our marine insurance is entitled to a courtesy boat in the case of an accident up to 5 days….
  • For all information about Insurance and any questions regarding claims procedures please log onto the website www.euinsurancedirect.com and look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Section.
  • For all your Insurance Needs please contact:
952 830 843 /  676 098 464

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