July 2014 Newsletter


We are open all though the summer except for the Spanish Bank Holidays.  
Core times will be from 9.30 through till 4.00 pm, later for appointments as and when necessary


Framiire Residencial
Local 6
Calle Alcornoque
Malaga, 29601
(see website for map)




Are you covered for free health cover in Spain?  Retired or partner retired?   New rules could change free health cover for ex-pats.  Watch this space for further details….

Car Insurance Due?  we offer the following benefits free in certain car policies:-

  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Courtesy car up to 35 days
  • Any driver over 25 with clean licence for 2 years
  • all covers 3rd party, fire and theft and full comp
  • Unbelievable prices, 3rd party under 200 euros, full comp from 250 euros
  • Theft of personal possessions inside car up to 500 euros
  • Accident, death and disability covers (optional)
  • Full European Breakdown in English
  • Windows, legal cover
  • English claims and documents

call us!!!

New Website !!!
Having tried to find the time to update my website since last year it has now been updated!   Hopefully more user friendly with forms and advice with newsletters and any other information that could be useful to ex-pats living in Spain.   It will take some time to collate all the information but it will happen.    At the moment the new website is live and I intend to add to it as and when…  time permitting.   
Also need to get involved with social media, facebook, twitter etc, have been told I am way behind the times!!!
Please do visit the website
www.euinsurancedirect.com and let me have your feedback.   If there are any news or items you would like to see on the website that could be of interest to my clients, please let me know and I will see what I can do.  Anything that helps clients with tips or advice is useful.     It is always a minefield for ex-pats living in Spain, especially the new ones who have just arrived.. (the newbies!!!)

The coast appears extremely busy this year, parking horrendous, bars and restaurants full, many of us are landed with family galore who are we must remember on holiday….but for us ex-pats living and working here can be nothing short of a nightmare.   Lovely to see family and friends but a lot of work for all concerned!!! 

Glad to have your comments on the website however and appreciated when you get the time.
Would like to confirm some general information regarding policies, renewals etc.

Renewals.    If you renew your policy, whether car, home, commercial etc, we do not normally receive hard copies from the companies.  We try and remind our clients of renewals at least 2-3 weeks before they are due and the email will contain an attachment of the renewal for the forthcoming year and any new offers available more suitable.   

We constantly receive phone calls and emails asking for the documents, not received by post or email.    Please check your emails to see as 99% of the time they are attached with the original renewal letter.     Depending upon the insurer we use, we normally send out hard copies to clients only when a new policy has been set up.   

As we all know the post in Spain is not brilliant and so much of our post is returned.    So best to check on our emails to see the attachment is there.   If of course you cannot print off, or do not receive email then we will print off copies and send them to you. (need postal addresses if different from physical address).
Renewals and Apple ipads or phones:    Please note that if you use Apple Ipad or phone –  attachments sometimes do not appear! .   If they do they may only show the first page.    So if you are looking for the documents on your ipad, they may not be there…  Normal pc is fine however if you do have a problem downloading any documents, email us or call and we will send by post.

IMPORTANT!!!!!!  Claims:   I now have a page on my website – go to CONTACT, THEN CLICK ON FAQ (frequently asked questions) for help and advice on what to do in the event of a claim.   You can also download a European Accident form in English for your files.   We have so many claim forms delivered or emailed incomplete and this makes the claims process longer than necessary.   Please see the page and any queries let me know.

Client Details.    Again sorry to go on, but it is so important to have updated details for clients on file.   Every month we have difficulty locating at least 10% of our clients due to different mobile numbers, email addresses.  

We do seem to be the last people to be told when you even move house…..seriously!   If we have your current details up to date in the event of any emergency, whether for a claim or just for a renewal you can be contacted so much quicker and easier.  Keep us updated!

Insurance Prices:   Just a reminder that we always try and be the most competitive we can.   Of course there are some situations and policies that we cannot compete with but our aim is to offer a good service with competitive prices and comprehensive products to make your life living in Spain easier and a bit cheaper.

Anything you need give us a call or email us.    If you have a friend or colleague needing a quote because they are paying too much for their renewal, let us know and we will do our best to sort out the best possible price we can.

Best wishes to all our clients for a happy and peaceful summer!!!

952 830 843 /  676 098 464