Newsletter July 2015

So its summer here in Spain…….  
OK heatwaves normally last a few days or a week but the intense heat in spain this year has been phenomenal!!   Everyone I speak to and ask.  How are you???  I get the answer hot!   In the office it has certainly been hot.    Having no air conditioning and reliant on fans, (normally adequate throughout the 10 years I have been in Spain), but not this year.  Having sent out for an air conditioning unit last week found none in stock, anywhere…  So we bake in the heat and look forward to a shorter working day throughout August from 10.00 through till 4.00 pm.

It is very important that current telephone numbers and emails are kept updated.   This month has been the worst month for trying to contact clients when renewals are due.  OK I know it is always difficult knowing that the call is from us is imminent…  BUT it is so important to have current telephone numbers in case of emergencies.   In the event a grua needs to contact you the number that is supplied to them is on your file.  If we don’t update this they will not have the correct number.
Please make sure we have your current email address, phone number and if you spend a lot of the time in the UK, your UK details too.  Too often we cannot contact a client and a policy is cancelled only to receive a call 2 months later asking why we didn’t contact them?   People move around and change numbers much quicker than in the UK here in Spain, so if you update your mobile, move house…  please let us know!

It is the month for accidents…  they start again…
Please be patient.   Please take information on other parties involved.   TAKE PICTURES!!!!  Number plates don’t often correspond when taken during stress.  DON’T leave the scene without 3 most important facts (2 out of 3 is good as long as number 1 is included!!):_

Registration  number of the car (most important)
Make and model of the car
Name of insurance company and policy number

We also need:-
Details of damage caused
Name of driver
Completion of the blue and yellow accident form by both parties..  (can be in English).
Without the above facts it is impossible for a claim to go through quickly.
Most importantly DON’T IGNORE if you have even a small bump.  It is necessary to provide all the details on the European accident form. 

Visit our website for information about claims, see FAQ (Frequentily Asked Questions page…)  you can also download an Accident and Emergency form in English.

We often get notifications of clients cars supposedly being involved in accidents that they were not aware of.   When we receive this notification (it is called a CICOS) it is a form that is sent to us which asks whether the registration  number given was involved in an accident.  It gives us where and the date but that is all the information we have.   If we contact you to ask the question, if you were not involved in an accident then you sign and date it and we return it to the company.  If they come back with witnesses then we need more information from you.
It often transpires that the 3rd party have taken the number plate down incorrectly.  But we still need the CICOS form signed and returned to us within 10 days.  If we receive nothing then the company has no other option than to accept the claim from the 3rd party.
You can now understand that it is vital we have your up to date numbers, emails etc. as a delay can affect your future insurance history.

VALUE YOUR PETS???  New Developments for Pet Insurance
One of the companies we use for Pet insurance have upgraded their policies.
Max amount per claim is now 2000 euros (used to be 1500 euros)

  • Excess is fixed for any claim at 50 euros.  (used to be tiered and after claims of 800 euros the excess increased to 80 euros)
  • Leishmaniosis is now covered.  This has never been covered before but as long as the pet has been immunised then they can claim on the policy.  Leishmaniosis is a disease from bites from sand flies or mosquitos.    This is a fatal decease so not one to be taken lightly.
  • We can now offer cover for animals in Portugal.
For all you horse lovers we are now able to offer liability for horses.  Costs  are 84 euros a year for Spain and 104 for European cover.  Cover up to 300,000 euros liability.  Also covers if other riders ride the horse.


Eu insurance direct, your one stop shop!!
Don’t forget we can offer most insurances for all your needs.   Many even long standing clients call and ask whether we offer travel insurance, life insurance etc.   so just to remind you that we do offer all types of insurance.  Not just cars and home but also liability, bars, cafes, travel, life cover, savings plans, communities, golf, private medical insurance, boats.

More importantly advice on all insurance matters and customer service.

Heres hoping you all have a good summer and enjoy the family out in Spain or wherever you may be in the world.

 For all your insurance needs or queries regarding your existing policies please do not hesitate to contact us.
952 830 843 /  676 098 464