Newsletter June 2014

Liberty Seguros Breakdown Number
Since my last newsletter I have received many fraught calls from clients who cannot access the 900 number for the breakdown service with Liberty.   Most insurance companies in Spain operate a Freephone number for breakdown services, all Freephone numbers are paid for by the insurance companies as they should cost zero euros.
I confirm that it is not the problem with Liberty or the breakdown service but your telephone provider who may have blocked 900 calls, (some also block 902 calls) and therefore makes it difficult to call the emergency services when you need them.  Also if you are calling from a UK mobile you should use the number below:-
0034 934 955 125  

This isn’t a Freephone number so you will need credit on your phone to call it, but it will solve the problem if your telephone provider has blocked 900 calls.
If any client is unsure of whom to call in the event of emergency please email us.   We deal with several insurance companies and the numbers are different for each.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Send us an email stating who you are currently insured with through us (or give us your policy number) and we will confirm the numbers to call.

Do We need to update your Contact details?. 
It is really important for clients to keep us updated on change of telephone numbers, email addresses and physical address, post box numbers etc.  Inevitably we always contact our clients around 2/3 weeks before renewals are due and over 80% of emails are returned, phone numbers no longer exist and we have no means of contact for an existing client.
We understand that we are possibly the last people to think of when you move, change your mobile number or email but it is so important to keep our database updated, in case we need to contact you in an emergency.
If you are receiving this newsletter then we have your current email address, but updating current telephone number is just as important.   Please keep us informed!!
Summer Drivers…
Does it annoy you when the car in front hesitates, doesn’t know whether to turn left or right and having a huge road map on their laps doesn’t help their concentration….avoid these people like the plague!!!
We have all been there but whilst many of us live on the coast or visit  the costa regularly and have a good knowledge of roads and safety (we hope),  summer always brings out the worst in drivers, especially tourists who get lost daily.
Our advice is to have patience, driver slower, be more vigilant, have eyes in the back of your heads (and sides) and keep calm…..they will all be gone come September…!!! Realistically though try and keep a cool head in the congested busiest season of the year.  If you do encounter a bump with another car make sure you complete the European Accident and Emergency Form at the scene, keep a pen handy in the car, take photos if possible of other cars involved, helpful to get the number plate, many claims come through with incorrect registration numbers….  Take as much information as possible and send the form to us by email, fax or post….
Another topic I have touched on in past newsletters is the fact that the law in Spain if you own a vehicle states that it has to be insured.   Even if the most basic insurance is taken out, i.e. 3rd party, it is a legality.    Many of our clients have had letters from Trafico warning them that their vehicles are not insured, several have now received fines.  Unfortunately fines do not disappear and if not paid can double in time.   Some clients tell me they will take the risk, but this is a reality and governments are trying every way to pull in extra funds.
Busy Coast – Positive Feedback
Having been here almost 9 years have seen some changes.
The Business Group whom I have been a member of for 5 years now (Business 1st) has received some hugely positive news of Spain and the Economy recently.   Our member from Currencies Direct reported recently of his best month (May) since he has been here over 10 years.   He said that the Brits are coming back with more Europeans returning not only buying properties for investment but to make their lives here.  Our Real Estate member has reported that nearly all his properties on his books are either under offer or sold and there are desperate for rental properties.
As for us at EU Insurance we also have had an extremely busy year and generally it appears that less people are going back to the UK with many returning to Spain and families coming out to live here too.
Of course Spain still has its problems, unemployment, financial  but on the whole the positive feeling appears to be increasing and can only hope that things continue to improve.   It may be a few years yet before many people see any benefit but I do sincerely believe we can look forward to much more positive and prosperous outlook for the future.


Ownership of a vehicle
Do you own your car?  Does your Permiso de Circulacion show you as the owner?
We have experienced several cases this month (2 thefts and 2 total losses) where the owner of the vehicle is different from the policyholder.
Please remember that any funds paid out by the insurance company are paid to the owner and not the policyholder.
Also if you sell a car and the buyer doesn’t change the name, any fines or problems will be logged under your name if it shows you are still the legal owner of the car.   This has caused multiple problems in the past.  Make sure you have proof that the buyer changes the car into their name.  It can save huge problems later…
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