Newsletter June 2015

Appointed Repairers – summary of benefits 
Returning to the UK, want to see your car?
Preparing for a trip around Europe this Summer –  see FUEL PRICES….SUMMER HOURS
Well the weather caught us short again this year, winter clothes packed away in May and Summer clothes out…..but mid May it all changed, also beginning of June saw the beginning of Summer again only to find after the first week it changed again.   Hopefully we have now more settled conditions just in time for the Summer rush of visitors. 
And so it begins…… lack of parking spaces anywhere near the beach, bars and restaurants full and our roads full of hire cars not knowing where they are going.  Summer tourist drivers always test our patience but we all need to drive extra carefully whilst the roads are busier and if you are behind a hire car looking hesitantly with a map of their lap..  avoid them like the plague!!!



In the event of a car accident we have mentioned in previous newsletters the benefits of using an appointed repairer and having paid a visit to some of the appointed garages recently in the Marbella area wanted to give you more information of the benefits of using them, even if you don’t live near:-

  • Most Appointed garages have a collection service so if a client cannot get to the garage then collection of the car and delivery of courtesy car can be arranged via the garage, the area that is covered is from Estepona to Fuengirola.
  • All parts are original parts
  • An authorised repairer can assess the vehicle on behalf of Liberty up to a value of 600€ BUT if the repairs are more then the garage is able to do a “photo assessment” and send it to Liberty. This will automatically appoint an assessor who will go to the garage, normally the next day
  • Most of the garages will wait for all parts to arrive before they start the repairs as this makes the whole process quicker and more fluid  
  • If there are any problems/issues the garage will liaise with Liberty and/or the assessor direct
  • The repairs made by the garage have a two year guarantee
  • The garage will call the client direct if there is any news or problems  
  • The garages are multi lingual.
  • The garages have their own paint labs onsite so that they can mix the exact colour/shade for each vehicle according to the code on the vehicle chassis plate
  • Every vehicle when repaired is washed and valeted before the client collects. 
  • Each vehicle is checked over prior to collection, ie: the garage will check the oil, filters, brakes,etc and give the client the option for the garage to undertake the repairs, however the client is NOT obliged to have these repairs made. 
  • If a Liberty customer needs any other types of repairs and they use an authorised repairer they will be entitled to a 10% discount automatically. 
We understand that many clients like to use their own local garages or a garage they know but we have had many problems in the past where the local garage does not speak English, has problems or delays in getting parts and the client generally being kept in the dark as to what is happening.  Using an appointed garage can save time and a phone call to the garage where they speak English saves so much frustration.   If you would like a list of appointed Liberty garages let us know.Please be aware that the appointed garages services above are applicable to clients insured through Liberty Seguros.   We have many clients insured through Abbeygate and they also have appointed garages, if in doubt please let us know.


We have had several requests from clients new to Spain who are looking to purchase a Spanish registered vehicle.  We are still experiencing a fair amount of clients returning to the UK having sold their property now and are also perhaps looking to sell their car.   If you know of anyone in this situation please let us know as we can put them in touch with newbies to Spain who want to purchase a reliable car here. Particularly requested are 4x4s.


Despite the fall in EU petrol prices, if you are planning a European driving holiday this year you could be in for a nasty shock if you don’t check petrol prices before you go. The price difference across the continent means that drivers in Norway will pay a third more per tank of fuel than those in Spain, and up to four times as much for car hire. The varying petrol prices and car hire impact the total holiday costs, with a 500 mile, week-long road trip including car hire and petrol cost costing up to 258% more depending on the country visited.

Skyscanner has compared petrol prices in Europe’s 10 most popular holiday destinations and surprisingly Spain tops the list as the cheapest country to fill up your tank followed closely by Switzerland  and France . The most expensive countries are Norway, Netherlands, and Italy all of whom charge around a third more per litre than their neighbours.

The global travel site, which includes car hire, found it’s not just the petrol prices that vary across Europe – average car hire costs can be more than four times as much for a 7 day car hire depending on the country. Again Spain comes out top with the best value car hire at just £62.543 for a week, closely followed by Portugal at £66.59. Comparatively Norway is yet again the most expensive with car hire coming in at £253.35 for a week.

Spain, with the best value for both car hire and petrol, is not surprisingly the best value country to visit for a road trip this year, with a 500 mile, week-long trip costing just £137 or £0.27 per mile. The same trip in Norway would cost 258% more, at £354 for the week long trip – or £0.71 per mile. For example for those travelling from Spain to France should fill up their tank before the border as Spain’s petrol prices are cheaper,”


Please note that our core times of Summer Hours of working throughout August will be 10-4 pm daily Monday to Friday. I will be taking a much needed 2 week break this year (10th – 24th August) visiting family in the Uk and France.  Ashley will be covering the office during this time.

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