Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to our September/October Newsletter. 
After a very long and hot summer I am sure we all feel better since the temperatures have cooled down.  However the roads still seem really busy and parking is still impossible on the coast.
 Nice to see the bars and restaurants thriving however, still only a few more weeks and the majority of the beach bars will close until next Spring.   Roll on Autumn I say!!!

Facebook!!!   I recently enlisted some help to assist me in some social media advertising, namely Facebook.  I am trying to have this updated with any news, offers, any relevant information regarding insurance, laws and any other beneficial facts that may be of interest whilst living in Spain.  If you go onto the link below you will be taken to my Facebook page, if you ‘like’ it, let me know..

Reading the Sunday Paper as you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon… I recently read about UK Insurers Cancellation Fees.   One chap who wanted to cancel his car insurance mid term (with a large major insurer)  actually had to pay 83 pounds to cancel his policy.   He was told that the insurance company charged 50 pounds cancellation fee and a broker fee of 33 pounds.  As he was insured for more than 7 months he wasn’t entitled to a refund…….  Crazy days….it wouldn’t be allowed in Spain!!!   I am so glad we dont levy the same fees here in Spain, I couldn’t imagine trying to explain that to a client!!

Changes to motorcyle insurance.   Some excellent improvements to our motorbike insurance now includes any driver over 25 who has held a cleaning driving licence for 2 years or more if they have an A type licence or over 3 years if they hold a B type licence.   We have always had to name drivers for motorcycle insurance and so this is a big step forward.  Although bike insurance isnt cheap in spain we can still offer 125cc 3rd party cover for around 120 euros a year inclusive of breakdown (depending on age, experience and model of bike).  If you have the older version of the plan we will be changing it automatically to the new type policy at renewal. 

Horse liability.   We can offer liability insurance for horses now. 300,000 liability anywhere, whether in the stables or out riding or on the public road.  Costs are around 85 euros a year.

New Campaign for motor and home insurance.  
If you have considered home insurance before maybe this is the time to go ahead and have peace of mind.  We are offering 50 euros cashback for all new home insurance policies over 225 euros a year if paid by direct debit. (with selected insurer)

Car Insurance also.  Purchasing another car?  All new fully comprehensive policies taken out with Liberty Seguros receive a massive 50 euros cashback if paid for by direct debit.  NO MINIMUM PREMIUM.  As we can offer as low as 270 for fully comprehensive cover (depending on size of car model, driver age and full no claims) you would still receive 50 euros cashback.  (with selected insurer).  Maybe you have a car already insured with another insurer, perhaps this is the time to change.

Existing customers?  We always try and reduce your premiums year on year giving the best insurance and most competitive value for money.  Don’t forget any multiple policies taken out with the same company also qualifies for a discount.

AXA Collaberation.   I have been an agent with AXA for 10 years and I am delighted to confirm that from this month I will be part of a collaboration with another AXA office.   Since the AXA office I will be working with have over 25 years experience with AXA in Spain, we are able to offer discounts on certain products and more types of policies than we did before including Fleet car policies, larger trucks and lorries and commercial enterprises.

Health Insurance:   Private health insurance has always been too expensive for many clients to invest in however some of the most comprehensive policies now have a choice of excesses.    Meaning that in the event of a member needing medical services they pay a very small monthly premium but also a small excess to see a doctor or specialist.   The costs of this type of plan makes it very affordable.  Never let your health get you down, for peace of mind for your own future see if we can offer you what was before unaffordable…

Funeral Plans:  we can now offer funeral plans from DKV/ERGO.   These are affordable monthly plans to suit all budgets.  Costs depend upon the town where you live (as all town halls have different costs that are re-evaluated each year), the cost per month offer an all inclusive service plus repatriation to home country if chosen.  Choice of options available.   If you are interested in getting a quotation let us know.
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