Newsletter September 2015

Heres hoping that all our customers had a good summer, nearly September and hopefully roads will get back to normal as the holidaymakers return to their home countries and allow us some long awaited peace and quiet in what has seemed to be a long and very hot summer.  Also looking forward to return to normal working hours for the many companies who have been on shorter hours and skeleton staff……Roll on September!!!
Just a reminder that if you are unsure what to do in the event of a claim please look at the website under the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.  Still many clients are unsure of the procedures and who to call in the event of an emergency.  All insurers have their own 24 hour emergency lines, please remember that our office or the mobile isnt the emergency number….  You can also download a European Accident Form (EA) in English from the site.   In the event of any accident (even own damage) an EA form must be completed and forwarded to our office before we can open the claim.  For emergency assistance in the event of a claim please refer to your policy documents for the correct numbers to call.  If in doubt email us and we can advise.
If you receive this Newsletter then you are or have been in the past a customer of EU Insurance for some form of insurance.   If you have Home Insurance with another company then perhaps we can save you money.  We offer one of the most competitive policies in the market with excellent cover.  A survey recently carried out looked at some of the biggest insurers in the Spanish market and found the following:-
Consulting agency Global Action carried out a detailed study into prices currently being charged by home insurance companies and what exactly is on offer for this price. The five companies they compared were Liberty Seguros,:Mapfre, Plus Ultra, Reale and Zurich – all fairly well-known names.
The consultancy company gathered data for three types of property to arrive at their conclusion: a 70 sq. m apartment; an apartment of 85 sq. m; and a 200 sq. m duplex family home.

The first has 70,000€ insured on the building and 20,000 for contents. The average yearly insurance price offered by insurers is 173€.  Liberty came out at 144 euros

In the second case, 85,000€ is insured for the building and 30,000€ for contents. The average insurance policy would be 228€.  Liberty came out at 182 euros

And in the final case, with 200,000€ building insurance and 50,000€ for contents, the average insurance policy would cost 433€ a year.  Liberty came out at 370 euros

So if your home insurance isnt with us perhaps we can assist to save you some money at renewal.  Our policies are comprehensive with different options of cover, in English with English Assistance phone numbers.
We are all well aware of the main issues such as speeding, not stopping at a red light or driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but what about some of the lesser known infractions? During the summer when everyone is in holiday mode, it is quite easy to forget some of the minor offences, especially when our minds are elsewhere.
Here are a few reminders of some of these actions, which some of us may not even be aware are not allowed.

·         Eating or putting make-up on while you are driving could result in a fine of as much as 200 euro or 2 points off your license.
·         Although we like to go to the beach wearing as little as possible, driving barefoot or without a T-shirt could also suppose a sanction.
·         Take care where you park your car when you arrive at the beach as some municipalities will fine you for parking on the sand or on the road that accesses the beach.
·         Fines will also be doled out for playing excessively loud music on your car stereo or tooting the horn for no justifiable reason.
·         You could be denounced if you fail to stop when flagged down by an agent. All that they need to do this is your license plate number and a reason!
·         Any child below the height of 1,35m is prohibited from travelling in the front passenger seat, unless the back seats are occupied by shorter children. In this case, age does not factor, it’s the height that matters.
And there are other issues to consider too even when you are not behind the wheel, as these could cost you a considerable amount of money too.
·         Forgetting to take your driving license out with you if you are driving could cost you 10 euro, while driving with an out-of-date license will set you back 200 euro if you are caught.
·         If you move house and fail to inform Tráfico (DGT) of your new address, you could be faced with an 80 euro sanction.
·         Driving with a license plate that is not in good condition or which is the wrong size could lead to penalization of 80 euro.
·         The same goes for those who place stickers, publicity or pictures over the car’s license plate.
·         Purposely making the vehicle’s tyres skid when setting off comes with a 100-euro fine.
·         And driving without having passed your test and therefore without having been issued a driving license will cost you 500 euro.
·         Driving without a license because it has been confiscated by Tráfico or a judge is punished by 3 to 6 months in prison and a 12-month fine.
If you do get caught for any of the above and are issued with a sanction, paying within 20 days means that the fine will be reduced by 50%. However, the best option is to remedy anything that’s not up to scratch and ensure that you don’t commit any of the offences outlined above.
Break a speeding law in the majority of EU member States the culprit will be discovered, located and notified at their home address of the fine that they have to pay.

If you are planning a driving trip abroad in another EU country, make sure that you take care and stick to their driving regulations. The immunity enjoyed by being a foreign driver is about to end.

The European Commission of the Automobile (CEA) has announced that a directive that permits the interchanging of information about traffic offences between communitary countries has just been approved.

According to the CEA, an increase of driving infractions committed by Spaniards has been registered during the last few months in countries such as France, Portugal, Hungary and Croatia. France has recorded the greatest amount, and the offences are predominantly related to driving too fast and over the limit or not giving way.
The relevant sanctions are now finding their way to the correct homes in Spain, as drivers have been detected and informed of the offence that they thought they had got away with in another country.

The regulations for driving a vehicle with children as passengers is about to change from 1 October.
The new rules simplify the existing law, but are you aware of the current legislation regarding travelling with children in your car and other vehicles?

Height regulations  – Any child under the height of 1m 35cm must sit in the back of the car. They must not sit in the front of the car whilst an adult is driving until they are taller than 1m 35cm, usually around the age of 12. The only exception is if all the back seats are occupied by children in car seats. In this case, a minor can sit in the front of the vehicle, but only in a legal and safety regulation certified seat appropriate for his or her age, weight and height.

It is not obligatory to assemble a child’s car seat in one direction or another. They can face frontwards or in the opposite direction. However, you must assemble the seat in the way that has been instructed by the manufacturer. The general rule is that babies and children more or less up to the age of four, or 18kg in weight, should sit in a rearward-facing seat, but this is not obligatory. The only exception is if the seat is apt for mounting in the front passenger seat and the airbag hasn’t been deactivated. In this instance, it is prohibited to set the chair up so that it faces the front windscreen.

Rules for travelling in a taxi – Children are allowed to travel in the back of a taxi without a child-restraint system or car seat provided that the taxi is only driving around an urban or city area.

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