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Are you covered for free health cover in Spain?  Retired or partner retired?   New rules could change free health cover for ex-pats.  Watch this space for further details….

Car Insurance Due?  we offer the following benefits free in certain car policies:-

  • Protected No Claims Bonus
  • Courtesy car up to 35 days
  • Any driver over 25 with clean licence for 2 years
  • all covers 3rd party, fire and theft and full comp
  • Unbelievable prices, 3rd party under 200 euros, full comp from 250 euros
  • Theft of personal possessions inside car up to 500 euros
  • Accident, death and disability covers (optional)
  • Full European Breakdown in English
  • Windows, legal cover
  • English claims and documents

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Newsletter November
Apparently Summer 2014 proved to be another record breaking season for Spain, with more people than ever choosing to visit the country during January and September, according to a report by the Spanish government recently (October 22nd). Industry and tourism minister José Manuel Soria commented that 52.4 million foreign tourists entered the nation over this period – a dramatic 7.4 per cent rise on 2013’s numbers. According to an industry survey, Spain proved to be incredibly popular with visitors from Britain, France and Germany.   However research also indicated that visitor figures from Russia were in decline, with a 7.6 per cent drop noted.More tourists hasn’t been welcomed by everyone, with locals marching on protests throughout the beachside area  of Barcelona  complaining about the increase of low-cost tourism.

The Canary Islands and Spain’s capital of Madrid also saw rises in visitor numbers of 11.4 per cent and 9.6 per cent respectively. It’s understandable why tourists pack up their bags and head to Spain during the summer and for us Ex-Pats to enjoy our lives here. A unique culture, warm weather across the country and friendly society, great food as well as the many natural parks and historical monuments.

As we prepare for the run up to Christmas we understand that everyone is on a budget and some simple tips below could help you save money on your insurance, especially at this expensive time of year:-

Tips to save money when buying car insurance…

1.  Increase your excess.2.  Buy a car with a smaller engine size…

3.  Ask for your policy to be a named driver policy if no one else drives, it could save some funds.

4.  Keep your insurances with one insurer, they often offer discounts for multiple insurances.  Ask the question. (We offer multi discounted policies)

5.  Take out 3rd party cover instead of fully comprehensive if your car is quite old.  Usually insurers still include all the benefits even with 3rd party.

6.  Avoid fines…..Keep within the law. Don’t drink and drive, keep within the speed limits and drive carefully.   Some helpful information on speed limits on Spanish roads is below, did you know that there is also a minimum speed??:-

Maximum Speeds:Urban towns and cities : 30 mph (40/50 km/h) Outside residential areas : 55 mph (80 km/h) or it can be 62 mph (100 km/h) Motorway (autopista): 74 mph (120 km/h)

Minimum speed on motorways/dual carriageways: 37 mph (60 km/h).

As many Ex-Pats travel back to the UK to see families over the Festive period, don’t forget the travel insurance.  We are able to offer annual multi trips and single trips, no limit on age for single trips.  Cover starts from Spain back to Spain and is suitable for all ex-pats living there.

Robberies over the Festive Period

Sadly when we are away enjoying being with our families or even on holiday at Xmas, it is a prime time for robbers.   We experience the highest number of claims over the festive period than any other time during the year.

Make sure your properties are fully secure, alarm turned on (if you have one), windows and doors are locked and bolted and inform a neighbour you will be away so that they can keep an eye on your property.

Make sure you have adequate insurance for theft!  In the unfortunate circumstance that you do experience a loss make sure that on your return you get to the police station and make a report.  It is wise to make sure and take the time to go through any loss calmly and in detail, as we have had many clients send us the police report only to realise something else was missing, and which then entailed them having to make another report.

Of course being robbed is not only about the loss of material things but the whole feeling of having someone else in your property, so we understand how sensitive a situation this can be.

Whatever your need, for your own peace of mind, make sure you have the correct insurance in place.  We are EU Insurance can advise on the many aspects of all insurances, we aim to make insurance simple and to offer fully comprehensive covers and help with claims in the event of emergencies.  We also monitor claims from our office.

We still have offers of cashbacks and vouchers for new insurances right up until the end of the year, so if you have any new insurance not currently with us that is soon due for renewal,  let us know.

For all your insurance needs in English and for a helpful, courteous service trying to make your insurance simple call EU Insurance Direct:

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