Spring 2021 Newsletter


The time rolls on this year and there are still no signs of the Covid Virus disappearing, like most I suppose most of us at the end of last year thought that by Easter 2021 we all may be in better position with the virus and that travel corridors may be open for a much needed boost to our travel industry.  Who knows how it will affect the world if travel is restricted over the summer for 2021.
Also when can we travel to visit our families?  For me personally this has been the worst situation as having a new grandson last year and not visiting my daughters and grandchildren has been both frustrating and upsetting.  I am sure I am not alone as I speak to many of my clients in the same situation.   However as long as we stay well , safe and virus free, sometime in the future we will be able to meet up with our loved ones.   Most clients I speak to feel that their life is on hold and they are constantly waiting each and every day for positive news….
So another year goes by, it seems incredible that over a year ago we went into lockdown.  Have to say I am grateful that we have our shops, bars, restaurants, beauty centres, hairdressers etc all open for business, even at the  restricted times allowed.
We at EU Insurance Direct have been exceptionally busy even throughout these troubled times.  The problems experienced with travel restrictions does mean that for the clients with holiday homes haven’t been able to get over to Spain so we have been able to lower the levels of cover and offer split payments without loading.   In Spain we do not have SORN so if you own a car, it has to have at least the minimum insurance on it to be legal.  For many to insure a car that has been sitting idle for the last year does seem a waste of money but this is the law here and fines are being levied for uninsured vehicles.  The database in Spain does flag up when a car isn’t reinsured as all insurers have a requirement to send this information to Trafico.
Lets hope that come the Summer we will have seen many more of the population vaccinated which will allow some travel to proceed.
Anyway enough of doom and gloom.  I have to applaud all the new businesses that have sprung up on the coast within the last few months, how amazing that people still have some confidence in the economy and most appear to be doing very well.

On this month Newsletter we talk about the following topics:

  • Extra ordinary damage and natural phenomena – covered risks in spain
  • Brexit and Liberty Seguros
  • Insurance for van/lorries?
  • Selling your Spanish car?
  • Vaccines for all ????
  • Change of rates electricity suppliers
  • Liberty Quality Motor and Quality Home policies
  • Tax rates for 2021 Mijas
  • New measures approved by the Andalusian Government (for easter week)

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