I have Home insurance in Spain for my holiday home.  As we are on lockdown for the foreseeable future, what happens if I go over the unoccupancy days?  Will I still be covered in the event of a claim:

Due to the SPECIAL circumstances that we are living, a lot of clients are worried about the maximum unoccupancy period declared on their house insurance policies; from Liberty we are trying to solve all the possible needs of our customers, and for this reason, we will cover the claim even if the property is kept empty for longer than the period stated in the policy, if the claim happens within the lockdown period declared by the Spanish Government and the security measures declared on policy are correct.

What happens to my insurance if I cannot ITV my vehicle due to the closure of the ITV Centres during this crisis, will I still be insured ?

No problem, we will accept the risks without ITV. In fact, the vehicle can be driven (if you can do it for authorized reasons) with the expired ITV if it has expired in the quarantine period, since the ITVs are closed. From Head Office we will issue the policy and we will include a special acceptance note by COVID19

I am unable to return to Spain due to a lockdown and closure of the borders where I am on holiday, my health insurance has a set period covering me whilst outside Spain, if this goes over the amount of days I am allowed, will I still be covered if I fall sick?

Having spoken to the health companies it has been confirmed that although the guidelines of travel outside of Spain will stay the same, if there has been a lockdown or close of borders by the Government which has made travel impossible to return to Spain they will look at each individual case but in general cover should be available if the restrictions above are in force.

Can I claim for consequential losses as I have had to close my business or for perishable goods that have gone bad:

The Consequential Losses or Loss of Profit guaranty in commercial lines policies (business, enterprises, etc) does not apply in case of pandemic,   Official Lockdown is not included as a guaranty in these policies,   Neither are these damages/losses covered by the Spanish Consorcio de Seguros since pandemic is not classified as an Extraordinary Phenomena. Cover provided by the Consorcio is applicable in case of Acts of God, damages caused by terrorism, rebellion, uprising, etc and those caused by the Army or Police in times of peace.

How do I claim for loss of earnings, I am self employed?  I also don’t have a bank account so how would I get paid?

If someone is self employed in Spain then they would have to pay their autonomo through a Spanish Bank Account, therefore if someone doesn’t have an account in Spain it could mean that the person hasn’t got a legal Contract or is working illegally in Spain.  Therefore it is doubtful that any claim for loss of earnings would be covered. 

Any claims for the self employed or employed workers would have to be accompanied by legal contracts of work or autonomo.  If you are unsure of the procedure please speak to your accountant or Employer who can assist you.